Thought Police.

Have you ever heard or read an article that made you think? Something enlightening. A thought provoking idea written out or information that you didn’t know which made you stop and think? I have read things or listened to radio shows that made me turn the radio off or put down the newspaper and just think. Think about what I have read/ heard.

I have thought for days about things. Interesting collections of thoughts resonate for days. Small things remind me of what I have thought about and perpetuate that thought, the ideas, that way of thinking.

Now, turn to a red top newspaper (or worse – a pink top magazine).
Read any headline at random. Someone you never cared about – possibly never heard of – did something distasteful that you didn’t want to know about – so fucking what?

How has that information benefited society? How has the world improved through knowing this shit? This appalling tired of who fucked who / who beat up who/ who got drunk/ who takes drugs – does not improve our planet.

An alien watching this planet would probably either not bother with contact or (hopefully) annihilate our worthless and tragic existence.

Now: painful truth time. Who’s to blame? The “media” for feeding us this shit? Us for buying it? Rupert Murdoch gave people what they wanted and it was just shit.

Liken it to junk food – MacDonalds vs Mr and Mrs Smith. Who’s to blame? Clearly when the public talk about food poisoning, Ronald issues instructions on how to cook meat properly. When Jo Public moans about fat and calories, the golden arches put salad on the menu. But that’s not enough. People still push for legislation.

Levenson enquiry? Fuck that! I want thought police. Clearly we are not fit to choose our food, media drinking habits etc.

I want a panel to look at the annual stream of bile flowing out of tabloids and close down the worse offender each and every year. Newspapers would be clamouring to educate entertain and inform. within 20 years the average person should be asking indepth politcal questions over coffee not “did you see Kim Kardashian’s minge?”

Anyway – back to my copy of Viz.


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