Supermarket story:

We went to the supermarket on Sunday.

Nothing unusual there.

Here’s an observation: The people who make an impression on you through visual contact or through a comment bump into you as you traverse the aisles.

The nice lady who commented on my daughter’s knowledge of fish species was met on each aisle as we shopped.

The family with 3 girls roughly the same age as my daughter were there on each turn.

Sometimes going faster than us, sometimes slower, sometimes the opposite direction.

The fruit area is wide and open and welcoming. Fresh fruit, colourful displays and attractive signage all draw you in.

But, as we get closer into the shop, the aisles get narrower and the shelves denser. The people who were 10 feet away choosing a pineapple are now struggling to get past the beans on display and the bread toppling off the shelves.

My daughter isn’t aware of the etiquette of shopping in a massive supermarket. She stands next to the trolley and not behind or in front. She dawdles and stares into space. She is attracted to the colours and the labels. She is also practising her reading: “That says ‘Tip Top'” etc.

As this slow walking gets slower and the aisles get narrower, the speed of a 6-year-old becomes a minor irritation.

I ask her not to turn a corner and stop.

I ask her to not turn a corner and stop.

I ask her a little more forcefully to not turn a corner and stop. I’m getting annoyed now.

The next corner is met with me stating (quite loudly) “Look! Either move or get out of the way!”.

Ten pairs of eyes look at me. They move out of my way. I start to apologise and say I was talking to my daughter and then decide to talk to my daughter “Please keep moving” I say to her – hoping everyone will understand that I am talking to her and not the crowd of retreating shopper.

A couple of aisles later and I notice the same shoppers moving out of my way.

Another aisle later and I see people turning the corner, see me and back off and go to another aisle. “let’s come back to this one” etc

I’m a pariah in Morrisons.


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