I’m tired (and violent)

My head hurts.

I’m tried when I get home. I’m more tired having walked and it’s warm. I don’t do a physical job and it shows. Fatty. But, to have to think for other people all day is exhausting. Where do all the mentals come from? Are they sane at home and only difficult and odd at work?

We have people who will spend the best part of two 40 hour weeks arguing with IT staff about what they think software should do, rather than accepting what it does do and utilising it effectively. Someone picked an argument and then backed it up with knowledge of written English as to the use of the word “Permissions” (but not in an IT sense).

I see even the most senior and serious staff as naughty children denying their stupid behaviour. “No I don’t know how that Nigerian scam got my 15 character, computer generated password. They must have guessed it. What? You can see it was me who sent them my details via email? It’ must have been someone who found my computer unlocked? What? you can see I was logged in and my pass card was used to get into the building at that time?”.  really? REALLY!? As  Dr or Professor, that the best you can come up with? That’s the best you can do? Not “oops, I thought it was legitimate. My mistake! I won’t do it again”. Is that beyond some people?

We are warned that pride will be our downfall, but I’m sure it was meant that pride as a guilty embarrassment, something that you might refuse to accept that leads to a problem in the future. I see it as a fat IT bloke caving you head with a keyboard shouting “DON’T GIVE YOUR PASSWORDS TO ANYONE!“.

Bloody Keyboard - bloody, keyboard


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